General submission guidelines 

We read submissions on a rolling basis. Simultaneous submissions are accepted, but please let us know right away if your piece is accepted elsewhere.  We prefer work that has not been printed elsewhere, but we will consider an exceptional fit for a reprint.   

We are not a paying journal at this point, though that may change in the future. We believe that artists deserve to be compensated, as do editors, but right now this journal is a labor of love for everyone involved.

All content must be about queer sex and/or gender; everyone involved (literally or figuratively) must be of legal age and consenting, and no hate speech of any sort will be tolerated. Priority will be given to 2 Spirit and Trans Black, Indigenous, People of Color, folks with disabilities, and other marginalized voices. 

Submissions must be sent via email, as follows:

  • Send to
  • Your subject line must read "DQ [type of work] submission", ie: DQ Art submission
  • Your content must be sent in the formats specified below in the individual section submissions

Please include ALL of the following information:   

  • Name you would like published with your art (does not need to be your legal name)
  • Location (general is fine, exceptions can be made for reasons of safety)
  • Contact Email  
  • A short bio (max 200 words)   

Optional additions:  

  • A photo of yourself or your avatar (no licensed or trademarked images please)   
  • A link to your website or online CV  
  • Your social media handles (IG, Facebook, Tik Tok, Etc) 
  • Your electronic payment tags in case readers want to make a donation

You can expect to hear back from us within 2-3 months. As a small team of volunteers with full time work and lives, we ask for your patience and we will respond to every submission. If you don’t hear back within 2 months, we welcome an inquiry through our website, but DO NOT contact editors through their personal social media accounts or emails.  

    Art section guidelines 

    Editor: Galadriel Mozee

    For Visual Art: 

    A minimum of 3 and maximum of 6 images of your work in JPEG, PNG,GIF or PDF format. Include the title of each piece (if any) and medium. 

    For Performance Art: 

    Link to online video or audio file. Include the title of each piece and completed waiver for all people appearing or heard in video. All people in video submissions must be over the age of 18. No video submissions containing sexual acts will be accepted.

    Poetry section guidelines

    Submit up to three pieces, each in a separate document (PDF or Google preferred). File names should reflect your name and the title of the submission.  Work should be double-spaced, Times or Calibri font. Max of 2-3 pages for each submission preferred for this section. 

    Editor: Alix Sanchez

    Prose section guidelines

     Submit up to 3 prose pieces, each in a separate document. Work should be double-spaced, Times or Calibri font, up to 3000 words, and can be fiction or creative non-fiction: essay, memoir, etc. Hybrid pieces are welcome, but nothing academic or strictly non-fiction. Please include a word count for each piece in your cover letter.

    Editor: Sossity Chiricuzio