Sossity Chiricuzio: 'stir the juice' (book of erotic poetry), and diesel femme

Dirty Queer on: Facebook

In Other Words: our venue and an amazing feminist bookstore and resource center

Bad Girls - a social and educational group for women interested in BDSM with other women

Candye Kane - queer, sex, fun and body positive knockout singer

Dyke Action Machine - just what it sounds like, with style

Eddie Izzard - an "executive transvestite" comic, who's not afraid to be dirty...or queer

Fat Fancy - underground plus~size clothing boutique for all genders

Gender Crash - the longest running open mic for queer/transgender/gender queer folks in Boston

Kate Clinton - kick ass lesbian comic who originated the phrase "some people can't say lesbian even if their mouth is full of one"

Kelli Dunham: your typical skateboard-riding, houseboat-dwelling, stealth gender non-variant, too many book reading ex nun comic, and much loved previous co-mc of dirty queer.

No Fauxxx - hot radical porn made by ladies, queers and artists from all over the world

Pants-Off Productions - our favorite local radical queer event production company

Passional Magazine - where Kelli writes a "Passional Adventures" column - a website for radical faerie information

Size Queen Clothing - "When large is just not big enough!" - fabulous clothing, made to order, and another favorite door prize contributor.

SMYRC - Sexual Minority Youth Resource Center - queer, fat activist, educator and entrepreneur ... and that's just the tip of the iceburg

The Wetspot - Seattle's sex-positive community center, an amazing resource and play space